Piedmont Analytical Corporation

is a Contract Laboratory specializing in the HPLC Chemical Analysis of Nutritionals, Raw Ingredients, and Functional Foods.

We provide Research to develop new analytical methods for chemical compounds and perform Quality Control testing on these products.  Our laboratory uses HPLC and Spectrophotometric methods to detect and analyze the active ingredients or chemical markers in a variety of materials.  These materials include plant matter, raw materials, and/or finished products.  These finished products can be a wide variety of dosage forms consisting of capsules, tablets, caplets, powders, drinks, etc.


Our Methods of Analysis are based on information found in scientific journals, books, and from our staff's experiences.  Some of these references include:

Our Chemical Standards are well characterized reference standards and their corresponding Certificates of Analysis used in analyses are provided by:

Quality Controls

We have implemented the guidelines mentioned in Analytical Method Validation and Instrument Performance Verification. to ensure our results are valid.

passion flower

"The Passion Flower has a brilliant multicolored bloom. In addition to its beauty, its known medicinal uses include treatment for nervousness and sleeplessness. Its main chemical markers are considered to be flavone-di-C- glycosides such as schaftoside, vitexin, and isoorientin"

The Passion Flower grows in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, a perfect choice for our company icon.

Passion also describes our approach to business. Our first goal is to meet the analytical testing needs of our clients. Our second goal is to offer resourceful answers to our clients' questions or concerns. We strive to achieve these goals at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.